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Poquoson City tax collector

Published: 15.04.2023

Poquoson City tax collector info

Poquoson City Tax Collector

The Poquoson City Tax Collector is a government official responsible for collecting taxes from residents and businesses in Poquoson City, Virginia. The tax collector works under the direction of the City Treasurer and is responsible for ensuring that all taxes owed to the city are paid in a timely and accurate manner.

Responsibilities of the Poquoson City Tax Collector

The Poquoson City Tax Collector has a number of important responsibilities, including:

  • Collecting taxes on real estate, personal property, and business licenses
  • Maintaining accurate records of tax payments and delinquencies
  • Issuing tax bills and reminders to taxpayers
  • Enforcing tax laws and pursuing delinquent taxpayers
  • Providing assistance and information to taxpayers regarding their tax obligations

Why Tax Collection is Important

Taxes are the primary source of revenue for local governments, and they are used to fund a wide range of essential services, including schools, public safety, and infrastructure. Without taxes, it would be difficult for local governments to provide these important services to their communities.


The Poquoson City Tax Collector plays a vital role in ensuring that the city has the resources it needs to provide essential services to its residents and businesses. By collecting taxes in a fair and efficient manner, the tax collector helps to maintain the financial health of the city and ensure that its residents have access to the services they need.

Before you contact tax collector find out more informations on Poquoson City property tax.

Here are the detailed contact details for Poquoson City Tax Collector:

Contact Method Details
Post Address Poquoson City Treasurer, 500 City Hall Avenue, Poquoson, VA 23662
Phone Number (757) 868-3060
Fax Number (757) 868-3063
Email Address
Open Hours Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm

If you have any queries regarding tax collection in Poquoson City, you can contact the City Treasurer's office through any of the above-mentioned methods. They are available during their regular office hours on weekdays.

Poquoson City tax collector services

The Poquoson City tax collector offers a variety of services to residents of Poquoson, Virginia, including:

Property Tax Collection

The Poquoson City tax collector is responsible for collecting property taxes from residents and businesses within the city limits. This includes both real estate and personal property taxes.

Dog Licenses

Residents who own dogs are required to register them with the city and obtain a dog license. The tax collector's office is responsible for issuing these licenses and collecting the associated fees.

Business Licenses

Businesses operating within the city limits are required to obtain a business license. The tax collector's office is responsible for issuing these licenses and collecting the associated fees.

Land Use Tax Program

The Poquoson City tax collector administers the Land Use Tax Program, which provides tax incentives for property owners who use their land for agricultural, horticultural, or forestry purposes.

Tax Relief Programs

The tax collector's office also administers several tax relief programs for eligible residents, including tax relief for seniors and disabled veterans.

For more information on these services, residents can visit the Poquoson City tax collector's website or contact the office directly.

If you have any disputes or appeals related to tax assessments - contact your local tax commissioner.

Author: Michael Davis
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