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Poquoson City tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Poquoson City tax commissioner info

The Poquoson City tax commissioner is a government official who oversees the administration of tax policies and the collection of taxes within Poquoson City. This includes ensuring compliance with state and federal tax laws, processing tax returns and payments, and providing assistance and guidance to taxpayers.

The tax commissioner works closely with other city officials, including the city council and finance department, to develop and implement tax policies that are in the best interest of the city and its residents. They also play a role in budget planning and forecasting, as taxes are a primary source of revenue for the city.

Additionally, the tax commissioner may be responsible for managing tax delinquencies, reviewing tax exemptions and abatements, and conducting audits to ensure compliance with tax laws.

Overall, the tax commissioner plays a critical role in maintaining the financial health and stability of Poquoson City by ensuring that taxes are collected in a fair and efficient manner.

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Poquoson City Tax Commissioner's Office

The Poquoson City Tax Commissioner's Office is responsible for administering and enforcing tax laws and regulations in Poquoson City, Virginia. Below are the contact details of the office:

Contact Information
Address 500 City Hall Avenue
Poquoson, VA 23662
Phone Number (757) 868-3035
Fax Number (757) 868-3039

Office Hours

The office of the Poquoson City Tax Commissioner is open on the following days and times:

Days Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

It is important to note that the office may be closed on certain holidays or special occasions. To confirm their hours of operation or for any other inquiries, please contact the office using the contact details provided above.

Poquoson City tax commissioner services

The Poquoson City tax commissioner offers a range of essential services to residents of Poquoson, Virginia. These services include:

Real Estate Tax Collection

The tax commissioner is responsible for collecting real estate taxes from property owners in Poquoson. This includes conducting assessments, creating tax bills, and collecting payments.

Personal Property Tax Collection

In addition to real estate taxes, the tax commissioner also collects personal property taxes on items such as vehicles, boats, and other personal property.

Business License Issuance

The tax commissioner is responsible for issuing business licenses to businesses operating within the city limits of Poquoson. This ensures that businesses are operating legally and have paid the necessary taxes and fees.

Taxpayer Assistance

The tax commissioner's office is also available to assist taxpayers with any questions or concerns regarding their taxes. They can provide guidance on tax laws and regulations and help taxpayers understand their obligations.

Tax Relief Programs

For eligible seniors and disabled residents, the tax commissioner's office also administers tax relief programs to help reduce their tax burden.

Overall, the Poquoson City tax commissioner plays a crucial role in managing the city's finances and ensuring that residents and businesses are meeting their tax obligations.

Author: Michael Davis
Bio: Michael is a civil servant based in the United States with a deep understanding of property tax. He uses his expertise to educate homeowners and investors on the intricacies of the property tax system through his blog. Michael believes in empowering his readers with knowledge to make informed decisions about their property taxes. When he's not working, Michael enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors.