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Hinds County tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Hinds County tax assessor info

Hinds County Tax Assessor: A Brief Guide

The Hinds County Tax Assessor is a county-level government official responsible for assessing property taxes in Hinds County, Mississippi, USA. In other words, the Tax Assessor determines the value of all taxable properties in the county and calculates the amount of taxes that each property owner owes.

Here are some key points about the Hinds County Tax Assessor:

Role The Tax Assessor is responsible for determining the fair market value of all taxable properties in Hinds County, including land, buildings, and personal property.
Functions The Tax Assessor's office maintains records of all properties in the county, updates assessments when properties are sold or improved, and provides information on property values to the public.
Tax Rates The Tax Assessor's office works with other county officials to set the tax rates for different types of properties in Hinds County. The rates are based on the assessed value of each property and the county's budgetary needs.
Appeals Property owners who disagree with their assessments can file an appeal with the Hinds County Board of Supervisors. The Board will review the appeal and make a final determination on the value of the property.
Important Dates Property owners in Hinds County should be aware of important dates related to property taxes, including the deadline for filing protests and the due date for paying property taxes. These dates can be found on the Hinds County Tax Assessor's website.

In summary, the Hinds County Tax Assessor plays a critical role in determining how much property owners in the county will owe in taxes each year. Although the job may seem complex, the Tax Assessor's office provides valuable information and resources to help property owners understand the process and ensure that their assessments are fair and accurate.

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Contact Details for Hinds County Tax Assessor

Here are the contact details for the Hinds County Tax Assessor in Mississippi.


Hinds County Tax Assessor
316 S President St, Suite 110
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone Numbers

  • Main Line: (601) 968-6587
  • Fax: (601) 968-6674

Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Please note that the office is closed on weekends and federal holidays.

If you need to contact the Hinds County Tax Assessor, you can do so by phone during office hours or by visiting the office in person at the above address.

Hinds County tax assessor services

Hinds County Tax Assessor offers a variety of services to adult residents in the United States. These services include:

Property Assessments

The Hinds County Tax Assessor is responsible for assessing the value of all real property in the county, including land, buildings, and other structures. The assessment process is necessary to determine the amount of property taxes owed by the owner of the property.

Homestead Exemptions

The Tax Assessor's office provides information and assistance for property owners who are eligible for a homestead exemption. A homestead exemption can reduce the amount of property taxes owed on a primary residence.

Motor Vehicle Registrations

The Hinds County Tax Assessor's office is also responsible for processing motor vehicle registrations. This includes registering new vehicles, transferring ownership, and renewing vehicle registrations.

Mobile Home Registrations

If you own a mobile home in Hinds County, the Tax Assessor's office is responsible for processing mobile home registrations.

Personal Property Assessments

In addition to real property assessments, the Hinds County Tax Assessor also assesses the value of personal property, such as equipment, furniture, and other assets owned by businesses and individuals.

Maps and Records

The Tax Assessor's office maintains maps and records of all real property in Hinds County. These records include information on property ownership, property values, and tax assessments.

Tax Collection

Finally, the Hinds County Tax Assessor is responsible for collecting property taxes from property owners in the county. The collected taxes are used to fund essential services such as schools, roads, and public safety.

In summary, the Hinds County Tax Assessor provides a wide range of services related to property assessments, vehicle and mobile home registrations, personal property assessments, maps and records, and tax collection. These services are essential to maintaining the financial health of the county and ensuring that residents have access to critical services.

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