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Hinds County tax appraiser

Published: 15.04.2023

Hinds County tax appraiser info

A Hinds County tax appraiser is a government official responsible for determining the value of properties for tax purposes within Hinds County, Mississippi. They use a variety of methods and data sources, including recent property sales and inspections, to determine the fair market value of each property. This information is then used to calculate property taxes owed by the owner.

The duties of a Hinds County tax appraiser include reviewing property information, field inspections, maintaining records, and responding to taxpayer inquiries. They also ensure that properties are assessed fairly and accurately, and that property owners are notified of any changes in their property values or tax assessments.

Overall, the role of a Hinds County tax appraiser is essential in maintaining an equitable and efficient tax system within the county. Their work helps ensure that property taxes are fairly assessed and collected, which in turn helps fund essential public services such as schools, roads, and emergency services.

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Here are the detailed contact details for the Hinds County Tax Appraiser:

Mailing Address:

Hinds County Tax Assessor/Collector 316 S President St Suite 100 Jackson, MS 39201

Phone Numbers:

Department Phone Number
Main Office (601) 968-6587
Property Appraisal (601) 968-6628
Personal Property (601) 968-6616
Tax Collection (601) 968-6587
Motor Vehicle (601) 968-6569

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Please note that office hours may be subject to change due to holidays or other circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your property tax assessment, please don't hesitate to contact the Hinds County Tax Assessor/Collector.

Hinds County tax appraiser services

The Hinds County tax appraiser provides various services related to property assessment and taxation. Here are some of the services offered by the Hinds County tax appraiser:

Property Assessment Services

The Hinds County tax appraiser is responsible for assessing and valuing all property located within the county. They use different methods and techniques to determine the fair market value of the property, including physical inspections, sales data analysis, and market trends. The appraiser ensures that the assessed value of the property is in compliance with state laws and regulations.

Appeals and Exemptions

The Hinds County tax appraiser also handles appeals related to property assessments. Property owners who feel that the assessed value of their property is incorrect can file an appeal with the appraiser's office. The appraiser reviews the appeal and makes a determination based on the evidence provided.

Additionally, the appraiser's office also handles exemptions for different types of properties such as homestead exemptions, charitable exemptions, and exemptions for disabled individuals.

Taxation and Collection Services

The Hinds County tax appraiser's office is responsible for calculating and collecting property taxes based on the assessed value of the property. They also provide information on tax rates, due dates, and payment options. Property owners can also request a tax statement or pay their taxes online through the appraiser's website.

Mapping and GIS Services

The Hinds County tax appraiser's office develops and maintains digital maps and geographic information systems (GIS) for the county. These maps provide valuable information about property boundaries, land use, and zoning. They are also used by other county departments, such as emergency services and planning and development, to make informed decisions about land use and development.

In summary, the Hinds County tax appraiser offers a range of services related to property assessment, taxation, appeals, exemptions, mapping, and GIS. Property owners in Hinds County can access these services to ensure that their properties are valued fairly and that their tax obligations are met.

Author: Michael Davis
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