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Dade County tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Dade County tax commissioner info

Dade County tax commissioner is a government position responsible for overseeing the collection of taxes within Dade County, located in the state of Georgia, USA. The tax commissioner is responsible for maintaining accurate records of property taxes, motor vehicle taxes, and other relevant taxes, as well as ensuring that all taxes are collected in a timely manner.

The tax commissioner's office is also responsible for issuing tags and titles for vehicles, as well as processing business licenses and conducting tax sales. The tax commissioner may also work with other government officials to set tax policies and provide guidance on tax-related matters.

Here is a breakdown of some of the specific roles and responsibilities of the Dade County tax commissioner:

Role Responsibility
Collections Responsible for the accurate and timely collection of all taxes within Dade County.
Records Maintain accurate records of all taxes collected and ensure that all records are up-to-date and accessible.
Vehicle Tags and Titles Issue tags and titles for vehicles registered in Dade County.
Business Licenses Process applications for new business licenses and renewals of existing licenses.
Tax Sales Conduct tax sales for properties that are delinquent on property taxes.
Policy Work with other government officials to set tax policies and provide guidance on tax-related matters.

Overall, the Dade County tax commissioner plays a crucial role in ensuring that taxes are collected fairly and efficiently, and that all tax-related matters are handled in a professional and effective manner.

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Dade County Tax Commissioner Contact Details

The Dade County Tax Commissioner's office is responsible for the assessment and collection of property taxes in Dade County, Georgia. Here are the contact details for the office:

Contact Information
Address Dade County Courthouse
71 Case Avenue, Suite C
Trenton, GA 30752
Phone (706) 657-7563
Fax (706) 657-4623
Email Not available
Office Hours Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

If you have any queries regarding property tax assessment or payment in Dade County, you can contact the Tax Commissioner's office using the information provided above. They are available during normal business hours to answer your questions and assist you in any way they can.

Dade County tax commissioner services

The Dade County Tax Commissioner offers a range of services for taxpayers. Here are some of the services provided by the department:

Property Taxes

Service Description
Property Tax Assessments The department assesses the value of properties for tax purposes.
Property Tax Bills The department issues property tax bills and collects payments.
Property Tax Exemptions The department offers exemptions for certain types of properties, such as homestead exemptions and exemptions for disabled veterans.

Motor Vehicle Services

Service Description
Vehicle Registration The department registers motor vehicles and issues license plates.
Title Transfers The department processes title transfers for vehicles.
Temporary Tags The department issues temporary tags for newly purchased vehicles.
Disabled Parking Placards The department issues disabled parking placards for individuals with disabilities.

Mobile Home Services

Service Description
Mobile Home Park Permits The department issues permits for mobile home parks.
Mobile Home Titles The department processes titles for mobile homes.

Other Services

Service Description
Business Licenses The department issues business licenses and collects fees.
Alcohol Licenses The department issues alcohol licenses and collects fees.
Hotel/Motel Occupancy Taxes The department collects occupancy taxes from hotels and motels.

The Dade County Tax Commissioner's website provides additional information and resources for taxpayers. It is important to keep track of important tax deadlines and to stay current on tax regulations to avoid potential penalties and fees.

Author: Michael Davis
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