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Anson County tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Anson County tax commissioner info

The Anson County Tax Commissioner is an elected official who is responsible for overseeing the collection and distribution of property taxes within the county. They work closely with other county officials to determine the appropriate tax rate and to ensure that all taxes are collected in a timely manner.

Some of the specific duties of the Anson County Tax Commissioner include:

  • Assessing the value of all taxable property within the county
  • Sending out tax bills and collecting payments
  • Maintaining accurate records of all property taxes collected
  • Distributing tax revenue to the appropriate county departments and agencies
  • Assisting taxpayers with questions and concerns related to their property taxes

Overall, the Anson County Tax Commissioner plays a critical role in ensuring that the county has the resources it needs to provide important services to its residents.

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Anson County Tax Commissioner Contact Details

Contact Method Details
Postal Address Anson County Tax Commissioner
101 South Greene Street, Suite # C
Wadesboro, NC 28170
Phone Main: (704) 994-3223
Collections: (704) 994-3236
Office Hours Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Closed on major holidays)

For any tax-related questions or concerns in Anson County, the county tax commissioner can be contacted through multiple channels. The quickest way to get in touch would be through their phone line, which is open during regular business hours. The collections line is available specifically for collections-related inquiries.

For those who prefer written communication, the tax commissioner can be reached by postal mail at the address listed above. The tax commissioner's office can also be reached via email for non-urgent inquiries or to request forms.

For more information about tax administration in Anson County, including tax rates and exemptions, visit the department's website where you can find tax forms, FAQs, and other resources. The office hours are standard business hours on weekdays, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly.

Anson County tax commissioner services

The Anson County tax commissioner provides a range of services to adult residents of Anson County, USA. Some of the key services offered by the commissioner are as follows:

Services offered by the Anson County tax commissioner
Property tax assessment
Collection of property taxes
Issuance of tax certificates
Assisting with real estate transactions
Providing information on tax sales
Handling tax-related inquiries from residents and businesses

The property tax assessment process involves determining the value of properties in Anson County for tax purposes. This is done by assessing the market value of properties and applying the appropriate tax rate. The commissioner also collects property taxes from residents and businesses in Anson County. These taxes are used to fund various public services such as schools, roads, and law enforcement.

The commissioner issues tax certificates to individuals and businesses that require them for real estate transactions. This includes deeds, mortgages, and other legal documents related to property ownership. The tax commissioner can also assist with real estate transactions by providing information on tax liens and outstanding taxes.

Residents can turn to the Anson County tax commissioner for information on tax sales. These are auctions of properties that have been seized by the county due to unpaid taxes. The commissioner can provide details on upcoming tax sales, as well as information on how to participate in these sales.

Finally, the tax commissioner is available to answer any tax-related questions from residents and businesses. This includes questions about property taxes, tax assessments, and other tax-related issues. The commissioner can provide guidance on how to file taxes, how to pay taxes, and how to resolve disputes related to taxes.

Overall, the Anson County tax commissioner offers a range of valuable services to the community. Whether you need assistance with a real estate transaction, have questions about taxes, or need to pay property taxes, the tax commissioner is a valuable resource.

Author: Michael Davis
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