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Windsor County tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Windsor County Tax Assessor Contact Details

The Windsor County Tax Assessor is responsible for assessing the value of property within the county for tax purposes. Below are the contact details for the office:

Contact Information
Address 62 Pleasant Street, Windsor, VT 05089
Phone Number (802) 674-2664
Fax Number (802) 674-2680
Office Hours Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm (excluding holidays)

If you need assistance with property assessment or have any questions regarding property taxes in Windsor County, feel free to contact the Windsor County Tax Assessor using the details provided above.

Windsor County tax assessor info

A Windsor County tax assessor is a government official responsible for assessing the value of properties within Windsor County in the state of Vermont. Their primary role is to determine the taxable value of all real estate within the county, which is then used to calculate property taxes.

Here are a few key responsibilities of a Windsor County tax assessor:

  • Property valuation: Tax assessors are responsible for determining the value of all properties within the county. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Assessors use a variety of methods to determine a property's value, including market analysis, property inspections, and data analysis.

  • Maintaining property records: Tax assessors maintain detailed records of all properties within their jurisdiction. This includes information about the property owner, property size and location, and any changes or improvements made to the property. These records are used to inform property valuations and tax assessments.

  • Calculating property taxes: Once property values have been determined, tax assessors work with local government officials to calculate property taxes. This involves determining the tax rate for the county and applying it to each assessed property. Tax assessors also work with property owners to resolve any disputes or challenges to their tax assessments.

Overall, the role of a Windsor County tax assessor is essential to maintaining accurate property valuations and ensuring that property taxes are fairly and accurately assessed.

Before you contact tax assessor find out more informations on Windsor County property tax.

Windsor County tax assessor services

The Windsor County tax assessor offers a range of services related to the assessment and collection of property taxes in the county. These services are aimed at helping property owners and residents in the county understand their tax obligations and ensure that they pay their fair share of taxes. Some of the key services provided by the Windsor County tax assessor include:

Property Assessment

The Windsor County tax assessor is responsible for assessing the value of all taxable property in the county. This includes real estate, personal property, and certain types of business property. Property assessments are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that property values are up-to-date and reflect market conditions.

Tax Collection

The tax assessor's office is also responsible for collecting property taxes from property owners in the county. This includes sending out tax bills, processing payments, and enforcing tax liens against delinquent taxpayers.

Taxpayer Assistance

The tax assessor's office provides assistance to taxpayers who have questions or concerns about their property taxes. This may include helping property owners understand their tax bill, explaining the assessment process, and providing information on tax exemptions and credits that may be available.

Property Records

The Windsor County tax assessor maintains a variety of property records, including ownership information, property values, and tax history. These records are available to the public and can be accessed through the tax assessor's office or online.

Appeals Process

If a property owner disagrees with their property assessment or tax bill, they have the right to appeal the decision. The Windsor County tax assessor provides information and guidance on the appeals process and can help property owners prepare their case.

In summary, the Windsor County tax assessor offers a range of services aimed at ensuring fair and equitable property tax assessments and collections. Property owners in the county can turn to the tax assessor's office for assistance with their tax obligations and understanding of the assessment and appeals process.

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