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Williamsburg City tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Williamsburg City tax assessor info

The Williamsburg City tax assessor is a government official responsible for determining the value of property within the city limits for tax assessment purposes. They assess both real estate and personal property to determine the taxable value of each property. This information is then used to calculate the property taxes that each property owner owes to the city.

Some of the specific responsibilities of the Williamsburg City tax assessor include:

  • Determining the fair market value of real estate properties within the city limits, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
  • Assessing and valuing personal property such as vehicles, boats, and equipment owned by businesses within the city limits.
  • Maintaining accurate records of property ownership and values within the city limits.
  • Responding to inquiries from property owners regarding their assessments and tax bills.
  • Processing applications for tax exemptions and abatements.

The Williamsburg City tax assessor's office is an important part of the city government, as property taxes are a key source of revenue for local governments. Property taxes are used to fund a variety of services and programs, including schools, parks, public safety, and infrastructure projects.

Overall, the Williamsburg City tax assessor plays a critical role in ensuring that property taxes are assessed fairly and accurately, and that property owners are paying their fair share of taxes to support their community.

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Williamsburg City Tax Assessor Contact Details

The Williamsburg City Tax Assessor is responsible for assessing and collecting property taxes in the city of Williamsburg. If you need to contact the tax assessor, here are the details you'll need:

Post Address

Williamsburg City Tax Assessor
City Hall
401 Lafayette St
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Phone Numbers

  • Main Office: (757) 220-6185
  • Real Estate Division: (757) 220-6185
  • Personal Property Division: (757) 220-6185
  • Business Division: (757) 220-6185

Open Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Closed on weekends and public holidays

If you have any questions or concerns regarding property taxes in Williamsburg, don't hesitate to reach out to the City Tax Assessor's office using the contact details provided above.

Williamsburg City tax assessor services

The Williamsburg City tax assessor provides a wide range of services related to property taxation. These services are designed to ensure that property owners in the city pay their fair share of taxes, which are used to fund essential public services such as schools, roads, and emergency services. Here are some of the key services that the Williamsburg City tax assessor offers:

Services Description
Property valuation The tax assessor determines the value of each property in the city based on factors such as location, size, and condition. This information is used to calculate property taxes.
Property assessment The tax assessor reviews property assessment data to ensure accuracy and compliance with state and local laws.
Exemptions and abatements Property owners may be eligible for exemptions or abatements that reduce their tax liability. The tax assessor can provide information on these programs and assist with applications.
Appeals process Property owners who disagree with their property valuation or assessment can file an appeal with the tax assessor's office. The tax assessor reviews the appeal and makes a determination based on the evidence presented.
Tax payment processing The tax assessor's office collects property tax payments and processes them for deposit into the city's general fund.

Overall, the Williamsburg City tax assessor plays a critical role in ensuring that property owners in the city are paying their fair share of taxes. By providing accurate property valuations, administering tax exemptions and abatements, and managing the appeals process, the tax assessor helps to ensure that the city has the resources it needs to provide essential public services.

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