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Tripp County property tax

Published: 15.04.2023

Example of Tripp County Property Tax Calculation

Tripp County Property Tax is calculated based on a few factors. These include the assessed value of the property, the tax rate set by the county, and any additional mill levies set by local entities like schools or fire departments.

To calculate the property tax, the assessed value of the property is multiplied by the combined tax rate. For example, if the assessed value of a property is $100,000 and the tax rate is 2%, the property tax would be $2,000.

In Tripp County, the tax rate for 2021 is 4.06%. This means that for every $100 of assessed value, the property owner will owe $4.06 in taxes. Additionally, there are a few other mill levies that may be applied depending on the location of the property.

It is important to note that property taxes are used to fund local services such as schools, law enforcement, and road maintenance. These services benefit the community as a whole and are essential for maintaining a high quality of life.

If you want appeal your property tax assessment - contact your local tax assessor.

Tripp County Property Tax Rates

The following table lists the Tripp County Property Tax rates in US dollars per 100$ of assessed value.

Tax Type Rate per 100$ of Assessed Value
County 2.185
City of Colome 3.189
City of Winner 3.297
School District 59-1 5.132
School District 60-3 5.076
School District 61-1 5.219

This table provides a clear breakdown of the different tax rates within Tripp County, making it easy for taxpayers to understand their obligations.

Who sets property tax rates in Tripp County ?

The property tax rates in Tripp County are set by the Tripp County Board of Commissioners. This board consists of five members who are elected to four-year terms. The board is responsible for setting the tax rates for all properties within the county.

The Tripp County Board of Commissioners meets regularly throughout the year to determine the property tax rates for the upcoming year. They consider a variety of factors, including the county's budget, the assessed values of properties, and the needs of the community.

Once the tax rates are determined, property owners are notified by mail of their new tax assessments. Property owners have the right to appeal their assessments if they believe they are incorrect.

It's important to note that property taxes are a significant source of revenue for local governments, including Tripp County. These funds are used to support important services and initiatives, such as schools, public safety, and infrastructure improvements.

Homestead exemptions in Tripp County ?

To help homeowners in Tripp County, South Dakota, this table includes all county-specific Homestead exemptions and deductions. Here are the details:

Exemption Eligibility Amount Notes
Property Tax Exemption Homeowners 100% of the first $130,000 of assessed value Must apply by November 1st
Elderly or Disabled Tax Freeze Homeowners 65 or older OR disabled Frozen property value for tax purposes Must apply by November 1st and meet income requirements
Veteran's Exemption Veterans or surviving spouses $6,000 of assessed value Must provide proof of service and discharge papers
Agricultural Property Exemption Owners of agricultural land Varies based on acreage and use Must apply by March 1st
Capital Improvements Exemption Homeowners who make improvements Up to 50% of added property value Must apply within six months of improvement completion
Disaster Exemption Homeowners affected by natural disasters Varies based on extent of damage Must apply within one year of disaster

It's important to note that homeowners must apply for these exemptions and meet eligibility requirements in order to receive them. By taking advantage of these Homestead exemptions and deductions, homeowners in Tripp County can save money on their property taxes.

When is Tripp County Property Tax due ?

Tripp County Property Tax: Due Date and Payment Methods

Property tax is an essential component of financing public services in Tripp County. Knowing when your property tax is due and the payment methods available can help you avoid late fees and penalties. Here is all the information you need to know.

Tax Due Date Payment Methods
April 30 - In-person
- Mail-in
- Online

In-Person Payment

In-person payments can be made at the Tripp County Treasurer's Office, located at 200 E. 3rd Street, Winner, SD. The office accepts cash, check, and credit card payments during business hours.

Mail-In Payment

To make a mail-in payment, detach the payment stub at the bottom of your tax statement and mail it with your check or money order to the Tripp County Treasurer's Office. The mailing address is P.O. Box 325, Winner, SD 57580.

Online Payment

Online payments can be made through the Tripp County Treasurer's website, using a credit or debit card. A 2.5% processing fee applies to all online payments.

It's best to make your Tripp County property tax payment well before the due date to ensure it arrives on time. Don't forget to keep your tax statement as proof of payment. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Tripp County Treasurer's Office.

If you have more questions - contact your local tax collector.

How is Tripp County Property Tax penalty calculated ?

Tripp County Property Tax Penalty Calculation:

Tripp County in South Dakota charges property tax penalties for late payments. The penalty calculation is based on the due date of property tax payments and the number of months late. The formula to calculate the penalty is:

Penalty = (2% x Tax Amount) + (1% x Tax Amount x Number of Months Late)

Here's an example to illustrate this:

Let's say John owns a property in Tripp County and his property tax is due on January 1st. His tax amount is $5,000. He fails to pay the full amount on time and pays on March 1st instead. He is two months late.

To calculate the penalty, we can use the formula:

Penalty = (2% x $5,000) + (1% x $5,000 x 2)

Penalty = $100 + $100 = $200

Therefore, John will have to pay a penalty of $200 in addition to his tax amount of $5,000.

It's important to note that the penalty is calculated for each month or partial month that the payment is late. So, if John were to pay on April 15th, he would be three months late and the penalty would increase accordingly.

To avoid penalties, it's recommended to pay property taxes on time or before the due date. Tripp County provides multiple payment options, including online payments, mail-in payments, and in-person payments at the county treasurer's office.


  • Tripp County charges property tax penalties for late payments.
  • The penalty calculation is based on the due date and the number of months late.
  • The penalty formula is: Penalty = (2% x Tax Amount) + (1% x Tax Amount x Number of Months Late).
  • Paying property taxes on time or before the due date can prevent penalties.

We recommend contacting the Tripp County Tax Office or a local tax professional for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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