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Tallahatchie County tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Tallahatchie County tax assessor info

The Tallahatchie County tax assessor is a government official responsible for assessing and valuing all taxable properties in the county. This includes real estate, personal property, and business property. The values determined by the tax assessor are then used to calculate property taxes for each property owner in the county.

Some of the specific duties of the Tallahatchie County tax assessor may include:

  • Conducting property assessments: The tax assessor will inspect properties and gather information on their value and characteristics, such as square footage and building materials.

  • Maintaining property records: All information gathered during property assessments is recorded and maintained by the tax assessor. This information is used to determine property values for taxation purposes.

  • Calculating property taxes: After property values are determined, the tax assessor will use the current tax rate to calculate the property taxes owed by each property owner in the county. This revenue is then used to fund local government services such as schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure.

  • Responding to property owner inquiries: The tax assessor may also address questions or concerns from property owners regarding their property assessments or taxes.

It is important for property owners in Tallahatchie County to understand the role of the tax assessor and to ensure that their properties are accurately assessed. This helps to ensure that property taxes are fair and equitable for all residents.

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Tallahatchie County Tax Assessor Contact Details

Here are the detailed contact details for the Tallahatchie County Tax Assessor:

Type of Contact Details
Postal Address 1 Chatham St. Sumner, MS 38957
Phone (662) 375-8515
Fax (662) 375-8516
Office Hours Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

If you need to contact the Tallahatchie County Tax Assessor, you can do so by phone, fax, email or in person during office hours. The postal address is also provided if you need to send any mail.

The Tallahatchie County Tax Assessor's office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Make sure to contact them within these hours if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Tallahatchie County tax assessor services

The Tallahatchie County tax assessor offers a range of services to ensure efficient tax administration and compliance with state and federal tax laws. These services include:

Service Description
Property Assessments The tax assessor determines the value of real property in Tallahatchie County for tax purposes. This includes conducting property inspections, reviewing property records, and considering market trends to determine the fair market value of each property.
Property Tax Billing The tax assessor's office is responsible for billing and collecting property taxes on behalf of the county. This includes creating tax bills, managing payments, and working with property owners to resolve any disputes.
Property Tax Exemptions The tax assessor's office also manages various exemptions and special tax programs that property owners may be eligible for. These include homestead exemptions, agricultural property exemptions, and business tax incentives.
Taxpayer Assistance The tax assessor's office provides assistance to taxpayers who have questions or concerns about their property taxes. This includes researching property records, explaining tax laws and regulations, and helping taxpayers understand their tax bills.

Overall, the Tallahatchie County tax assessor plays a vital role in ensuring that the county's tax system is fair, efficient, and effective. By providing a range of services to property owners and taxpayers, the tax assessor helps to ensure that everyone is contributing their fair share to the county's finances.

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