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Summers County tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Summers County tax commissioner info

Summers County Tax Commissioner is an official appointed by the West Virginia State Tax Department to oversee local tax collection and enforcement in Summers County. The main responsibilities of the tax commissioner include processing and collecting property taxes, managing tax records, issuing licenses and permits, and distributing tax revenues to local municipalities and government agencies.

Some specific duties of the Summers County Tax Commissioner may include:

  • Assessing and valuing all taxable property within the county
  • Collecting property taxes and distributing funds to local schools, fire departments, and other government entities
  • Issuing business licenses and collecting corresponding fees
  • Assisting taxpayers with questions and concerns about their tax bills or assessments
  • Enforcing tax laws and regulations, including pursuing delinquent taxpayers through legal action if necessary

The Tax Commissioner's office may also work closely with other government agencies, such as the Summers County Assessor's office, to ensure that taxes are assessed and collected fairly and accurately. The Tax Commissioner is typically an elected official who serves a set term of office, although exact details may vary depending on local laws and regulations.

While the role of the Summers County Tax Commissioner may not be glamorous, it is an important one in ensuring that necessary government services are funded and that local businesses are operating legally.

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Summers County Tax Commissioner

The Summers County Tax Commissioner is the primary tax collector for Summers County. Here are their detailed contact details:

Contact Details
Post Address 120 Ballengee Street, Suite 201, Hinton, WV 25951
Phone Number (304) 466-7104
Fax Number (304) 466-7110
Email Address N/A
Open Hours Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

If you have any questions regarding your tax payments or need assistance with your tax returns, feel free to contact the Summers County Tax Commissioner during their open hours.

Summers County tax commissioner services

The Summers County tax commissioner offers a variety of services to adult residents of the county. Some of the main services provided by the tax commissioner's office are as follows:

Tax Collection Services

The tax commissioner's office is responsible for collecting property taxes, real estate taxes, and personal property taxes from county residents. They also collect taxes on motor vehicles, boats, and other types of taxable assets. Taxpayers can pay their taxes in person, by mail, or online through the tax commissioner's website.

License and Registration Services

The tax commissioner's office also handles the issuance of business licenses and permits, as well as registrations for motor vehicles and boats. This includes processing registration renewals and issuing new tags and titles.

Property Assessment Services

The tax commissioner's office assists with property assessments and helps determine the fair market value of real estate and personal property in the county. They work closely with the county assessor and appraisal office to ensure that all property values are accurate and up-to-date.

Taxpayer Assistance Services

The tax commissioner's office provides assistance to taxpayers who have questions or concerns about their taxes. They can help taxpayers understand their bills, provide information about tax exemptions and credits, and assist with filing appeals or contesting assessments.

Tax Sale Services

Finally, the tax commissioner's office is responsible for conducting tax sales on properties that have delinquent tax payments. The office works to ensure that all properties are sold fairly and that all taxes owed are collected in a timely manner.

In summary, the Summers County tax commissioner's office is responsible for a wide range of tax-related services, from collecting taxes to assisting taxpayers with questions and concerns. They also handle license and registration services, property assessments, and tax sales.

Author: Michael Davis
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