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Ransom County tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Ransom County tax assessor info

The Ransom County tax assessor is a government official responsible for determining the value of real estate within the county for tax purposes. This includes conducting property assessments, reviewing property sales data, and analyzing market trends to establish fair and accurate property values. The tax assessor also works closely with local government agencies to ensure that property taxes are collected and allocated appropriately. Additionally, the tax assessor may provide assistance to property owners who have questions or concerns about their tax assessments or property values. Overall, the Ransom County tax assessor plays a critical role in maintaining the financial health and stability of the local community.

Some key duties of the Ransom County tax assessor may include:

  • Conducting property assessments
  • Reviewing sales data and market trends
  • Establishing fair and accurate property values
  • Collaborating with local government agencies
  • Collecting and allocating property taxes
  • Providing assistance to property owners

If you own property in Ransom County, it's important to understand the role of the tax assessor and to stay informed about your property's assessed value and tax obligations. By working with the tax assessor and staying up-to-date on local tax laws and regulations, you can help ensure that your property taxes are accurate and fairly assessed.

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Ransom County Tax Assessor Contact Details

The Ransom County Tax Assessor's office is responsible for assessing and valuing all taxable property within the county to determine property taxes. The office is open during regular business hours and can be contacted via phone or in person.


Physical Address 204 5th Ave W, Lisbon, ND 58054
Mailing Address PO Box 668, Lisbon, ND 58054

Phone Numbers

Assessor's Office (701) 683-6140
Fax (701) 683-5826

Open Hours

Monday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

If you have any questions or concerns regarding property assessments or taxes, feel free to contact the Ransom County Tax Assessor's office during business hours.

Ransom County tax assessor services

The Ransom County tax assessor provides a range of services to property owners in the county. Some of the key services they offer include:

Property Valuation

The tax assessor's office is responsible for determining the market value of all taxable property in Ransom County. This includes real estate, personal property (such as furniture and equipment), and some types of intangible property (such as stocks and bonds). The property valuation process involves collecting data on property sales and other relevant factors, and using that information to calculate the assessed value of each property.

Assessment Notices and Appeals

Once the property values have been determined, the tax assessor's office sends assessment notices to property owners. These notices indicate the current assessed value of the property, as well as any changes from the previous year. Property owners who disagree with their assessment can file an appeal with the tax assessor's office. The appeal process typically involves providing evidence to support a different assessed value.

Tax Calculation and Billing

After the property values have been assessed, the tax assessor's office uses that information to calculate the property taxes owed by each owner. This calculation takes into account the assessed value of the property, as well as any applicable tax rates or exemptions. The tax assessor's office then sends out tax bills to property owners, indicating the amount owed and the due date.

Tax Exemptions and Credits

The Ransom County tax assessor's office also administers a number of tax exemptions and credits. These may include exemptions for certain types of property (such as agricultural land or homesteads), as well as credits for things like energy-efficient improvements or property rehabilitation.

Overall, the Ransom County tax assessor's office plays an important role in ensuring that property owners pay their fair share of taxes, while also providing support and guidance to property owners who may have questions or concerns about their assessments or tax bills.

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