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Preston County tax collector

Published: 15.04.2023

Preston County tax collector info

The Preston County tax collector is a government official responsible for managing and collecting property taxes within the county. Their duties include assessing property values, sending out tax bills, and ensuring timely payment of taxes by property owners. The tax collector works closely with other county officials and agencies to ensure accurate tax collection and proper distribution of funds for essential county services such as schools, roads, and emergency services.

Some of the key responsibilities of the Preston County tax collector include:

  • Maintaining accurate records of property ownership and assessments
  • Sending out annual tax bills to property owners
  • Processing tax payments and issuing receipts
  • Enforcing laws and regulations related to property taxes
  • Providing reports and data to other county officials and agencies
  • Assisting property owners with questions and concerns related to their taxes

The Preston County tax collector plays an important role in supporting the local community by ensuring that vital services are properly funded through property tax revenue. They work tirelessly to ensure that the tax collection process is fair, accurate, and transparent for all property owners.

Overall, the Preston County tax collector is a vital public servant who plays a critical role in ensuring the fiscal health and wellbeing of the local community.

Before you contact tax collector find out more informations on Preston County property tax.

Preston County Tax Collector

The Preston County Tax Collector is responsible for collecting property taxes from residents of Preston County. Here are the detailed contact details for the tax collector:

Contact Method Information
Post Address Preston County Tax Collector
106 W Main St #202
Kingwood, WV 26537
Phone Number (304) 329-1235
Fax Number (304) 329-1220
Email Address
Office Hours Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm EST

If you need to contact the Preston County Tax Collector for any reason, use the above contact details. You can visit the office during the office hours or call the phone number provided. You can also email the tax collector at or fax them at (304) 329-1220.

Preston County tax collector services

The Preston County tax collector provides a range of services to the residents of the county. These services are aimed at ensuring that property taxes are collected in a timely and efficient manner. Below is a list of the services offered by the Preston County tax collector:

Services Description
Property tax collection The tax collector is responsible for collecting property taxes from property owners in the county.
Payment options The tax collector provides various payment options to taxpayers, including online payment and payment plans.
Delinquent taxes If a taxpayer fails to pay their property taxes, the tax collector will initiate collection proceedings.
Tax lien sales The tax collector may sell tax liens on properties with delinquent taxes to investors at public auctions.
Taxpayer assistance The tax collector provides assistance to taxpayers who need help with their property tax payments.

In addition to these services, the Preston County tax collector is also responsible for maintaining accurate records of property tax payments and delinquent taxes. The tax collector works closely with other county departments such as the assessor's office and the treasurer's office to ensure that property taxes are collected and distributed appropriately.

Overall, the services provided by the Preston County tax collector are crucial for ensuring that property taxes are collected fairly and efficiently. Taxpayers can rely on the tax collector for assistance with their property tax payments and for guidance on how to avoid delinquent taxes.

If you have any disputes or appeals related to tax assessments - contact your local tax commissioner.

Author: Michael Davis
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