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Minnehaha County tax appraiser

Published: 15.04.2023

Minnehaha County tax appraiser info

A Minnehaha County tax appraiser is a government official responsible for determining the value of real property for the purpose of taxation. This person is typically employed by the county's tax assessor's office and is tasked with assessing the value of residential, commercial, and industrial properties within the county.

The tax appraiser uses a variety of methods to determine the value of a property, including analyzing recent sales of similar properties, inspecting the property in question, and considering any improvements or changes made to the property. Once a property's value has been determined, the owner is notified of their new assessed value and corresponding tax liability.

The role of the Minnehaha County tax appraiser is integral to the functioning of local government. Accurate assessments ensure that property taxes are fairly and equitably distributed among property owners, which in turn helps fund government services such as schools, parks, and public safety.

Before you contact tax appraiser find out more informations on Minnehaha County property tax.

Minnehaha County Tax Appraiser Contact Details

The Minnehaha County Tax Appraiser is responsible for determining the value of property for taxation purposes. Below are the contact details for their office:

Postal Address Phone Numbers Office Hours
415 N. Dakota Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Property Assessment: (605) 367-4201
Property Tax: (605) 367-4223
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Feel free to contact the Minnehaha County Tax Appraiser during their office hours for any questions or concerns regarding the assessment and taxation of properties in Minnehaha County.

Minnehaha County tax appraiser services

The Minnehaha County tax appraiser provides a wide range of services related to property valuation and taxation. These services include:

Property Assessment

The tax appraiser assesses the value of all kinds of properties in Minnehaha County, including residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. The assessment is based on a number of factors, such as the property's location, size, condition, and age.


The tax appraiser determines the amount of property taxes that property owners in Minnehaha County have to pay. This involves calculating the tax rate based on the assessed value of the property and determining any exemptions or credits that the owner may be eligible for.


Property owners who disagree with the assessment or tax calculation can file an appeal with the tax appraiser's office. The tax appraiser will review the appeal and make a determination based on the evidence presented.

Property Records

The tax appraiser maintains records of all properties in Minnehaha County, including information on ownership, value, and taxation. These records are available to the public and can be accessed online or in person.

GIS Mapping

The tax appraiser uses GIS mapping technology to create maps of properties in Minnehaha County. These maps include information on property boundaries, zoning, land use, and other relevant data.


The tax appraiser provides education and outreach to the public on property valuation and taxation. This includes workshops, seminars, and informational materials to help property owners understand their rights and responsibilities.

By offering these services, the Minnehaha County tax appraiser plays a critical role in ensuring that property values are accurate and that property taxes are fair and equitable.

Author: Michael Davis
Bio: Michael is a civil servant based in the United States with a deep understanding of property tax. He uses his expertise to educate homeowners and investors on the intricacies of the property tax system through his blog. Michael believes in empowering his readers with knowledge to make informed decisions about their property taxes. When he's not working, Michael enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors.