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Martinsville City tax appraiser

Published: 15.04.2023

Martinsville City tax appraiser info

Martinsville City tax appraiser is a government official responsible for assessing and determining the value of properties within the city limits of Martinsville, Virginia. The tax appraiser uses various methods to determine the value of properties, including analyzing recent sales of similar properties in the area, examining the condition and features of the property, and reviewing any zoning restrictions or building codes that may affect the property's value.

The primary responsibility of the Martinsville City tax appraiser is to ensure that properties are assessed fairly and accurately for tax purposes. This helps to ensure that property owners pay their fair share of taxes based on the value of their property. The tax appraiser also provides information and assistance to property owners who have questions or concerns about their property assessments.

The Martinsville City tax appraiser works closely with other government officials, such as the city treasurer and city council, to develop and implement tax policies and procedures. They also play a role in the budgeting process by providing revenue projections based on property assessments.

Overall, the Martinsville City tax appraiser plays a critical role in ensuring that the city's tax system is fair and equitable for all property owners.

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Martinsville City Tax Appraiser Contact Details

Contact Method Information
Postal Address 55 Jones Street, Martinsville, VA 24112
Phone Number (276) 403-5150
Fax Number (276) 403-5151
Email Address
Open Hours Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

The Martinsville City Tax Appraiser's office is located at 55 Jones Street in Martinsville, Virginia. If you need to contact the office, you can call (276) 403-5150 or send a fax to (276) 403-5151. Alternatively, you can email the office at

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. During these hours, you can visit the office to speak with someone in person or call the office to receive assistance over the phone.

If you need assistance with property tax assessments, the Martinsville City Tax Appraiser's office is here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to them using the contact details provided above.

Martinsville City tax appraiser services

The Martinsville City tax appraiser offers a variety of services to residents of Martinsville. These services are designed to provide accurate and fair assessments of property values for tax purposes. Here are some of the services offered by the Martinsville City tax appraiser:

Service Description
Property Valuation The tax appraiser assesses the value of residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the city. They use a variety of methods to determine the value, including sales data, property inspections, and other factors.
Appeals Process If a property owner disagrees with the valuation assigned by the tax appraiser, they can appeal the decision. The tax appraiser provides information on the appeals process and works with property owners to resolve any issues.
Exemptions and Deductions The tax appraiser also administers exemptions and deductions for property owners. These include exemptions for senior citizens, veterans, and disabled individuals, as well as deductions for certain types of property improvements.
Tax Relief Programs The tax appraiser also administers tax relief programs for qualified property owners. These programs provide relief from property taxes based on income and other factors. The tax appraiser provides information on eligibility requirements and the application process.
Education and Outreach The tax appraiser provides educational resources and outreach programs to help property owners understand property valuation and tax laws. They also provide information on how property taxes are used to fund local government services.

Overall, the Martinsville City tax appraiser plays an important role in ensuring that property values are assessed fairly and accurately for tax purposes. By providing a range of services and resources, they help property owners navigate the complex world of property valuation and taxation.

Author: Michael Davis
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