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Lewis And Clark County tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Lewis And Clark County tax commissioner info

Lewis and Clark County Tax Commissioner is an elected official responsible for overseeing the assessment and collection of property taxes within the county. Here are some key points to note about their role:

  • Responsibilities: The Tax Commissioner is responsible for determining the value of all taxable property in Lewis and Clark County, issuing tax statements to property owners, and collecting property taxes. They also perform audits and investigations to ensure compliance with tax laws, and may assist in resolving disputes related to property assessments or tax payments.

  • Term of office: The Tax Commissioner is elected for a four-year term, with no term limits.

  • Qualifications: To be eligible for the role, a candidate must be a resident of Lewis and Clark County, at least 18 years old, and not have any felony convictions.

  • Accountability: The Tax Commissioner is accountable to the citizens of Lewis and Clark County, who have the power to remove them from office through a recall election or by voting them out in the next election.

  • Relation to other officials: The Tax Commissioner works closely with other county officials, including the County Treasurer (who receives and distributes tax payments), the County Assessor (who helps determine property values), and the Board of County Commissioners (who set the budget for county operations).

Overall, the Lewis and Clark County Tax Commissioner plays a critical role in ensuring that property taxes are collected fairly and efficiently, and that the revenue generated is used to support essential public services in the county.

Before you contact tax commissioner find out more informations on Lewis And Clark County property tax.

Lewis And Clark County Tax Commissioner Contact Details

Here are the detailed contact details for Lewis And Clark County Tax Commissioner.

Title Details
Post Address Lewis And Clark County Tax Commissioner
316 N Park Ave Room 142
Helena, MT 59623
Phone Number (406) 447-8354
Fax Number (406) 447-8350
Open Hours Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Please note that the above-mentioned contact details are valid at the time of writing. We recommend contacting the Lewis And Clark County Tax Commissioner office to confirm the accuracy of the information provided.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding tax-related matters in Lewis And Clark County, feel free to contact the Lewis And Clark County Tax Commissioner using the above-mentioned contact details.

Lewis And Clark County tax commissioner services

Lewis and Clark County tax commissioner offers various services to the residents of Lewis and Clark County. Some of the services offered by the tax commissioner are:

Property Tax Services

Services Description
Property tax assessment The tax commissioner assesses the value of the property and determines the property tax rate based on the assessed value.
Property tax collection The tax commissioner collects property taxes from the property owners in Lewis and Clark County.
Property tax exemption The tax commissioner provides property tax exemption to eligible property owners in Lewis and Clark County.

Motor Vehicle Services

Services Description
Vehicle registration The tax commissioner registers motor vehicles and issues license plates and registration stickers.
Title and lien search The tax commissioner performs title and lien searches for motor vehicles.
Driver's license renewal The tax commissioner renews driver's licenses for Lewis and Clark County residents.

Other Services

Services Description
Business license The tax commissioner issues business licenses to businesses operating in Lewis and Clark County.
Liquor license The tax commissioner issues liquor licenses to businesses selling alcoholic beverages in Lewis and Clark County.
Taxpayer assistance The tax commissioner provides assistance to taxpayers in Lewis and Clark County with tax-related questions and concerns.

Lewis and Clark County residents can contact the tax commissioner's office for more information on these services.

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