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Lenoir County tag office

Published: 15.04.2023

Lenoir County tag office info

Lenoir County tag office is a government agency responsible for handling motor vehicle registration and titling in Lenoir County, which is located in the state of North Carolina, USA. The tag office provides services to drivers who need to register their vehicles or get new license plates, transfer titles, or apply for new ones. Here are some key features of the Lenoir County tag office:

Services offered by Lenoir County tag office

Service Description
Vehicle Registration Drivers can register their vehicles and get new license plates at the tag office.
Title Transfer Drivers can transfer a vehicle title when buying or selling a vehicle.
License Plate Renewal Drivers can renew their license plates and registration stickers every year.
Temporary Tags Drivers can get temporary tags while they are waiting for their permanent license plates.
Specialty Plates Drivers can get specialty plates for their vehicles, such as personalized plates or plates with specific designs.

Why use Lenoir County tag office

Drivers in Lenoir County must use the tag office to register their vehicles and handle other motor vehicle-related matters. Here are some reasons why drivers use the tag office:

  • Convenience: The tag office is conveniently located in Lenoir County and offers many services that drivers need.

  • Expertise: The tag office staff are experts in handling motor vehicle registration and titling.

  • Affordability: The tag office charges reasonable fees for their services, and drivers can often save money by using the tag office instead of other services.

Overall, the Lenoir County tag office is an essential agency for drivers in the area. Drivers can rely on the tag office to provide expert services for their motor vehicle needs.

The Lenoir County Tag Office is a government agency that provides motor vehicle services to the residents of Lenoir County, USA. Here are the detailed contact details for the tag office:

Post Address:

Lenoir County Tag Office
101 N. Queen Street
Kinston, NC 28501

Phone Numbers:

Service Phone Number
Main (252) 559-5254
License Plate Agency (252) 523-1269
DMV Customer Service (919) 715-7000

Office Hours:

Day Hours
Monday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

The Lenoir County Tag Office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The office is closed on weekends and public holidays. If you need any assistance regarding motor vehicle services, you can contact the Lenoir County Tag Office through their main phone number, (252) 559-5254, or visit the office during the working hours.

Lenoir County tag office services

The Lenoir County tag office provides several services related to motor vehicles, including:

Registration and Title Services

Service Description
Vehicle Registration The tag office can issue new license plates and renew existing registrations.
Title Transfer The tag office can process transfers of ownership for motor vehicles, boats, and trailers.
Duplicate Titles If a title has been lost or damaged, the tag office can issue a replacement.
License Plate Replacement The tag office can issue replacement license plates if they have been lost or damaged.

Other Services

Service Description
Disabled Parking Placards The tag office can issue parking placards for individuals with disabilities.
Notary Services The tag office provides notary services for a variety of documents, including vehicle titles.
Temporary Tags The tag office can issue temporary tags for newly purchased vehicles.
Address Changes If a vehicle owner moves within Lenoir County, the tag office can update their address on file.

Overall, the Lenoir County tag office serves as a one-stop-shop for many motor vehicle-related needs. Its friendly and efficient staff can help residents complete necessary paperwork and obtain the necessary documentation for their vehicles.

Author: Michael Davis
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