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Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor info

The Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor is a county official responsible for assessing the value of real estate properties within the Kenai Peninsula Borough for tax purposes. This assessment determines the amount of property taxes that property owners are required to pay to the county government. The tax assessor's office maintains records of property values, property ownership, and property characteristics such as size, location, and improvements made to the property over time.

The tax assessor's duties typically involve:

  • Conducting property inspections to gather information about a property's physical condition and characteristics.
  • Analyzing property sales and market trends to determine property values.
  • Maintaining assessment records for every property in the county.
  • Reviewing and processing property tax exemptions and abatements.
  • Educating property owners about tax assessment procedures and the appeals process.

Property owners who disagree with their property assessment can file an appeal with the tax assessor's office. The tax assessor's office is required to notify property owners of any changes in their property's assessed value and tax liability.

Overall, the Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor plays a critical role in determining property taxes for the county and ensuring that the tax assessment process is fair and accurate for all property owners.

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Kenai Peninsula Borough Tax Assessor Contact Details

Here are the contact details for the Kenai Peninsula Borough Tax Assessor:

Contact Method Details
Postal Address 144 N. Binkley St., Soldotna, AK 99669
Phone Number (907)714-2230
Fax Number (907)714-2393
Open Hours Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

These contact details can be used to reach out to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Tax Assessor for any inquiries or concerns regarding property taxation.

Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor services

The Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor provides a range of services to property owners in the borough. These services include:

  • Assessing property value: The tax assessor is responsible for determining the value of properties within the borough for tax purposes. This includes assessing the value of real estate, personal property, and other assets.

  • Maintaining property records: The tax assessor maintains detailed records of all properties within the borough, including ownership information, property characteristics, and historical data.

  • Processing property tax payments: The tax assessor processes property tax payments and maintains accurate records of all payments made.

  • Providing property tax information: The tax assessor provides property owners with information about their tax assessments, including the basis for the assessment and the amount of taxes owed.

  • Handling property tax appeals: If a property owner believes that their tax assessment is incorrect, the tax assessor is responsible for handling the appeal process and ensuring that the assessment is fair and accurate.

In addition to these services, the Kenai Peninsula Borough tax assessor also provides information and resources to property owners about their rights and responsibilities under the tax code. This includes information about exemptions, deductions, and other tax-related issues that may affect property owners in the borough.

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