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Hand County property tax

Published: 15.04.2023

Example of Hand County Property Tax Calculation

Hand County property taxes are calculated based on the value of a property and the current tax rate. For example, if a property's assessed value is $100,000 and the tax rate is 2%, the property owner will owe $2,000 in property taxes.

To calculate the assessed value of a property, the county assessor will evaluate the property and determine its market value. The assessed value is typically a percentage of the market value, such as 80% or 90%.

Once the assessed value is determined, the county will apply the current tax rate to calculate the amount owed in property taxes. The tax rate can vary depending on factors such as the county's budget and local tax laws.

Property owners in Hand County can pay their property taxes in a lump sum or in installments. Failure to pay property taxes can result in penalties and even the loss of the property through foreclosure.

Overall, understanding the calculation of Hand County property taxes is important for property owners to properly budget and meet their financial obligations.

If you want appeal your property tax assessment - contact your local tax assessor.

Hand County Property Tax Rates

The following table lists the Hand County Property Tax rates per $100 of assessed value:

Tax Rate per $100 of Assessed Value
General $2.94
Agricultural Land $1.50
Non-Ag Land $5.09
Owner-Occupied $2.63
Commercial $5.35
Industrial $5.68

It should be noted that these rates may vary depending on the specific location and classification of the property. It is always recommended to consult with a local tax advisor for accurate and up-to-date information.

Who sets property tax rates in Hand County ?

The property tax rates in Hand County, USA are determined by the county government. This includes the Hand County Board of Commissioners and the Hand County Director of Equalization (DOE).

The Hand County Board of Commissioners sets the overall budget for the county and determines the necessary property tax rates to fund it. The Hand County DOE works closely with the commissioners to assess the value of all properties in the county and to ensure that all property taxes are fairly and accurately assessed.

In general, property tax rates in Hand County are set on an annual basis, usually in the fall. Property owners receive their tax bills in December, with the taxes due the following April.

It is important for property owners in Hand County to understand how their property taxes are assessed and what factors can affect the rates they pay. Working with a qualified tax advisor can help ensure that property owners are paying the correct amount and taking advantage of any available tax deductions or exemptions.

Homestead exemptions in Hand County ?

The table below highlights all the county-specific Homestead exemptions and deductions available in Hand County, South Dakota. It includes information on exemption eligibility, exemption amount, and any relevant notes that readers should be aware of. This information is relevant to adult readers in the USA who are looking to take advantage of Homestead tax benefits.

Exemption Eligibility Amount Notes
General Homeowners Up to $6,000 Must file application by November 1st. Applies to primary residence only.
Disabled Vet Veteran with disability Up to $100,000 Applies to primary residence only. Must have proof of disability from VA.
Over 65 Homeowners Up to $3,000 Applies to primary residence only. Must be over 65 years old by the end of the year. Must file application by March 15th.
Ag Land Agricultural property Up to 20% Available for qualifying agricultural properties. Must file application by March 15th.

It's important to note that eligibility for these exemptions and deductions may vary based on individual circumstances, so readers should consult with a tax professional to confirm their eligibility and ensure they are taking full advantage of Hand County's Homestead tax benefits.

When is Hand County Property Tax due ?

Hand County Property Tax is typically due on April 30th of each year. Property owners must ensure that payment is made on or before this deadline to avoid penalties and interest. There are several payment methods available for property owners to make their tax payments:

Payment Method Details
Online Property owners can make their tax payments online by visiting the official Hand County website and following the instructions provided. Online payments can be made using a credit or debit card, or by electronic check.
Mail Property owners can also send their tax payments by mail. Payments must be sent to the Hand County Treasurer's Office, along with a check or money order made payable to Hand County Treasurer.
In-person Property owners can make their tax payments in person at the Hand County Treasurer's Office, located at [insert address here]. Payments can be made using cash, check, or money order.

It is important for property owners to note that Hand County Property Tax is based on the assessed value of the property, and may increase or decrease each year depending on changes in the property's value. Property owners may also be eligible for certain tax exemptions or deductions, depending on their situation. For more information on Hand County Property Tax and payment methods, property owners can visit the Hand County Treasurer's Office or the official Hand County website.

If you have more questions - contact your local tax collector.

How is Hand County Property Tax penalty calculated ?

Hand County Property Tax Penalty Calculation

When a property owner fails to pay their property taxes on time, penalties will be applied to their outstanding balance. The Hand County Property Tax Penalty is calculated as follows:

  • First Penalty: 1% of the unpaid taxes for each month (or fraction of a month) that the taxes remain unpaid. This penalty can accrue for up to six months, up to a maximum of 6%.
  • Second Penalty: An additional 1% penalty is added each month (or fraction of a month) after the first six months of unpaid taxes. This penalty can accrue indefinitely.

For example, if a property owner owes $10,000 in property taxes and fails to pay them on time, the following penalties would apply:

Penalty Timeframe Calculation Amount
First Month 1 $10,000 x 1% $100
First Month 2 $10,000 x 1% $100
First Month 3 $10,000 x 1% $100
Second Month 7 ($10,000 x 1%) + ($10,000 x 1%) x 6 $960

In this example, the property owner would owe a total of $10,360 after seven months of unpaid property taxes.

It is important for property owners to pay their property taxes on time to avoid these penalties and the risk of losing their property through tax foreclosure. Hand County provides several payment options, including online payments and payment plans, to assist property owners in meeting their tax obligations.

We recommend contacting the Hand County Tax Office or a local tax professional for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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