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Gates County property tax

Published: 15.04.2023

Example of Gates County Property Tax Calculation

Gates County calculates property taxes based on the assessed value of the property. To determine the assessed value, the county uses a formula that takes into account the property's market value, any improvements made to the property, and any exemptions or deductions that may apply.

For example, let's say a property in Gates County has a market value of $200,000 and the owner has made $50,000 worth of improvements. The assessed value would be $250,000.

Next, the county applies a tax rate to the assessed value. In Gates County, the tax rate is currently set at $0.875 per $100 of assessed value. Using the example above, the property tax would be calculated as follows:

Assessed value: $250,000 Tax rate: $0.875 per $100 of assessed value Tax calculation: $250,000 / 100 x $0.875 = $2,187.50

Therefore, the property owner would owe $2,187.50 in property taxes for that year. It is important to note that property tax rates and formulas can vary by county and can change from year to year.

If you want appeal your property tax assessment - contact your local tax assessor.

Gates County Property Tax Rates

Here is a formatted table listing the Gates County Property Tax rates in US dollars per $100 of assessed value:

Tax Rate per $100 of Assessed Value
General County $0.90
Gates County Schools $0.77
Gates County Fire District #1 $0.10
Chowan University $0.12
Roanoke Chowan Community College $0.09

Overall, taxpayers in Gates County can expect to pay a combined property tax rate of $1.98 per $100 of assessed value for the above services.

Who sets property tax rates in Gates County ?

In Gates County, the property tax rates are set by the Board of County Commissioners. This typically happens during their annual budget meeting, where they review the county's financial needs for the upcoming year and determine the necessary tax rates to meet those needs. The property tax rates are then finalized and announced to the public. It is important to note that property tax rates may vary depending on the specific location and classification of the property.

Homestead exemptions in Gates County ?

To provide a comprehensive guide on Homestead exemptions and deductions in Gates County, North Carolina, the following table is listed with columns for exemption, eligibility, amount, and notes:

Exemption Eligibility Amount Notes
Age 65 or Older Must be 65 or older $25,000 Applies to the first $25,000 of property value
Disabled Veterans Must have a 100% service-connected disability Varies Amount depends on disability rating
Veteran's Exemption Must be a veteran $45,000 Applies to the first $45,000 of appraised value
Elderly or Disabled Must be 65 or older or totally disabled $25,000 Applies to the first $25,000 of appraised value
Disabled Veteran's Exemption Must have a service-connected disability Up to $45,000 Amount depends on disability rating
Surviving Spouse of Firefighter or Rescue Squad Member Must be a surviving spouse $45,000 Applies to the first $45,000 of appraised value
Elderly or Disabled Veterans Must be 65 or older or totally disabled $45,000 Applies to the first $45,000 of appraised value

It's important to note that eligibility and amount may vary depending on the specific situation and property value. For more information and to apply for exemptions or deductions, individuals should contact the Gates County Tax Office.

When is Gates County Property Tax due ?

According to the Gates County website, property taxes are typically due on September 1st of each year.

Payment methods accepted include:

Payment Method Instructions
Online Pay online with a credit or debit card at the Gates County website
Mail Mail a check or money order to the Gates County Tax Collector
In Person Pay in person at the Gates County Tax Collector's office with cash, check, or money order

It is important to note that late payments may result in penalties and interest fees. For more information on Gates County property taxes, it is recommended to contact the Gates County Tax Collector's office directly.

If you have more questions - contact your local tax collector.

How is Gates County Property Tax penalty calculated ?

Gates County Property Tax Penalty Calculation:

Property taxes are essential for the functioning of a county, and late payments can result in penalties. Gates County, like many other counties in the USA, levies a penalty if a taxpayer fails to pay the property taxes on time. The penalty is calculated as a percentage of the unpaid taxes, and the rate varies depending on the time when the payment is made.

The penalty is calculated as follows:

Time of Payment Penalty Rate
On or before January 5 No Penalty
January 6 - January 31 2% of the unpaid taxes
February 1 - February 28/29 3% of the unpaid taxes
March 1 - March 31 4% of the unpaid taxes
April 1 - April 30 5% of the unpaid taxes
May 1 - May 31 6% of the unpaid taxes
June 1 - June 30 7% of the unpaid taxes
July 1 - July 31 8% of the unpaid taxes
August 1 - August 31 9% of the unpaid taxes
September 1 - September 30 10% of the unpaid taxes
October 1 - October 31 11% of the unpaid taxes
November 1 - November 30 12% of the unpaid taxes
December 1 - December 31 13% of the unpaid taxes

For example, if a taxpayer owes $1,000 in property taxes and fails to make the payment by January 5th, there will be no penalty. However, if the payment is made on January 15th, there will be a penalty of 2% of the $1,000, which is $20. If the payment is made on February 15th, the penalty will be 3% of $1,000, which is $30.

It is important to note that interest will also be charged on the unpaid taxes at a rate of 1% per month, compounded monthly until the taxes are paid in full.

In conclusion, it is essential to pay property taxes on time to avoid penalties and interest charges. Gates County has a structured penalty system that taxpayers should be aware of while making payments.

We recommend contacting the Gates County Tax Office or a local tax professional for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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