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Flathead County property tax

Published: 15.04.2023

Example of Flathead County Property Tax Calculation

Flathead County calculates property tax based on the assessed value of the property. The assessed value is determined by the county's assessor, who evaluates the property's market value and other factors such as location, size, and condition.

To calculate the property tax in Flathead County, the assessed value of the property is multiplied by the county's mill rate. The mill rate is a tax rate expressed in mills, where one mill equals one dollar per thousand dollars of assessed value.

For example, if a property in Flathead County has an assessed value of $200,000 and the county's mill rate is 100 mills, the property tax would be $20,000 (200 x 100).

Property owners in Flathead County can appeal their property assessment if they believe it is incorrect. They can also qualify for various tax exemptions and credits, such as the homeowner's exemption or the senior citizen's exemption.

It is important to note that property tax rates and regulations vary by state and county, so it is recommended to consult with local officials or a tax professional for specific information regarding property tax in Flathead County.

If you want appeal your property tax assessment - contact your local tax assessor.

Flathead County Property Tax Rates

The following table lists Flathead County Property Tax rates:

Tax Rate per $100 of Assessed Value
General Fund Levy $1.2690
Roads Levy $0.3049
Library Levy $0.1630
Emergency Medical Services Levy $0.1592
Conservation District Levy $0.0049
Total Levy $1.9010

This table provides a clear breakdown of the different taxes and their corresponding rates per $100 of assessed value in Flathead County. The General Fund Levy has the highest rate at $1.2690, followed by the Roads Levy at $0.3049. The Library Levy and Emergency Medical Services Levy have similar rates at $0.1630 and $0.1592, respectively. Finally, the Conservation District Levy has the lowest rate at $0.0049, bringing the Total Levy to $1.9010.

Who sets property tax rates in Flathead County ?

In Flathead County, property tax rates are set by the County Commissioners. They typically meet in the fall of each year to determine the rates for the following tax year. The rates are based on the budget needs of the County and its various departments, as well as other factors such as changes in property values and state laws. Once the rates have been set, property owners are notified of their tax obligations for the upcoming year. If you have any questions about your property tax rates or obligations, it may be beneficial to consult with a tax advisor who can provide guidance and advice specific to your situation.

Topic Information
Who sets property tax rates in Flathead County? County Commissioners
When are property tax rates set in Flathead County? In the fall, for the following tax year
What factors are considered when setting property tax rates in Flathead County? Budget needs of the County and its departments, changes in property values, and state laws
How do property owners learn about their tax obligations for the upcoming year? They are notified once the rates have been set
What should property owners do if they have questions about their tax obligations? Consult with a tax advisor for guidance and advice specific to their situation

Homestead exemptions in Flathead County ?

The following table outlines the various county specific Homestead exemptions and deductions in Flathead County, Montana:

Exemption Eligibility Amount Notes
Elderly and Disabled Age 62 or older or disabled Up to $200,000 of assessed value Must apply annually
Disabled Veterans Honorably discharged and disabled Up to $150,000 of assessed value Must apply annually
Agricultural Property used primarily for agriculture Up to $20,000 of assessed value Must apply annually
Improvements Improvements made to property Up to $100,000 of assessed value Must apply within 30 days of completion
Forest Land Qualified forest lands Up to 35% reduction in taxable value Must apply annually
Residential Owner-occupied residential property Up to $100,000 of assessed value Must apply annually

It is important to note that these exemptions and deductions are specific to Flathead County and may differ in other counties throughout Montana. To be eligible for any of these exemptions or deductions, one must meet the eligibility criteria and apply within the necessary timeframe.

When is Flathead County Property Tax due ?

Flathead County Property Tax typically due on November 30th of each year. There are several payment methods available for taxpayers, including:

Payment Method Details
Online Payment Taxpayers can pay their property taxes online using a credit card or e-check through the county's website.
Mail Taxpayers can mail a check or money order payment to the Flathead County Treasurer's Office.
In-Person Taxpayers can make a payment in person at the Flathead County Treasurer's Office using cash, check, or credit card.

It's important to note that late payments will incur penalties and interest fees. Taxpayers can contact the Flathead County Treasurer's Office for more information on payment options and due dates.

If you have more questions - contact your local tax collector.

How is Flathead County Property Tax penalty calculated ?

How Flathead County Property Tax Penalty is Calculated

The Flathead County Property Tax Penalty is calculated based on the amount of unpaid property taxes a person owes for a particular year. Here is an example of how the penalty is calculated:

  1. A property owner in Flathead County owes $5,000 in property taxes for the year 2020.
  2. The due date for payment is November 30, 2020, but the owner fails to pay by that date.
  3. On December 1, 2020, a 2% penalty is added to the unpaid balance of $5,000, which is $100.
  4. If the property owner still fails to pay by December 31, 2020, an additional penalty of 5% is added to the unpaid balance, which is $250.
  5. If the owner still does not pay by May 31, 2021, an additional 5% penalty is added, bringing the total penalty to $475.

The table below summarizes the Flathead County Property Tax Penalty rates:

Penalty Date Penalty Rate
Dec 1 2%
Dec 31 5%
May 31 Additional 5%

It is important to note that if the property owner pays the full amount owed plus any penalties before May 31, 2021, they will avoid any additional penalties. However, if the property owner fails to pay the full amount owed by May 31, 2021, their property may be subject to tax sale proceedings. Therefore, it is important to pay property taxes on time to avoid accruing penalties and potential consequences.

We recommend contacting the Flathead County Tax Office or a local tax professional for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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