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Edmunds County property tax

Published: 15.04.2023

Example of Edmunds County Property Tax Calculation

Edmunds County calculates property taxes based on the assessed value of the property. The county assesses the value of the property every year and then applies a tax rate, which is expressed in mills. One mill is equal to one dollar of tax per $1,000 of assessed value.

For example, if a property in Edmunds County has an assessed value of $100,000 and the tax rate is 100 mills, then the property tax would be calculated as follows:

$100,000 assessed value ÷ 1,000 = $100 (value per mill) $100 (value per mill) × 100 (tax rate in mills) = $10,000 property tax

This means that the property owner would owe $10,000 in property taxes for the year. It's important to note that the tax rate can vary from year to year and can also vary depending on the type of property, such as residential or commercial.

If you want appeal your property tax assessment - contact your local tax assessor.

Edmunds County Property Tax Rates

Here is a formatted table of the Edmunds County Property Tax rates: | Tax | Rate per $100 of Assessed Value | | --- | --- | | County | $1.80 | | School | $3.92 | | City | $1.93 | | Total | $7.65 |

It is important to note that property tax rates are subject to change and residents should contact their local tax authority for the most up-to-date information.

Who sets property tax rates in Edmunds County ?

Who Sets Property Tax Rates in Edmunds County?

The Edmunds County government sets property tax rates within its jurisdiction. Specifically, the County Commission is responsible for establishing the tax rates.

When are Property Tax Rates Set in Edmunds County?

The tax rates for a given year are typically set in the fall, after the county has received valuation information from the state. Property owners are notified of their new assessed values, and public hearings are held to discuss proposed tax rates. Once the County Commission approves the rates, they are entered into the county's tax system and applied to the property owners' bills.

It is important to note that property tax rates are subject to change each year, depending on a variety of factors such as changes in property values or shifts in county budgets. Property owners should review their tax bills each year to ensure they are being charged the correct amount.

Homestead exemptions in Edmunds County ?

In Edmunds County, South Dakota, homeowners can take advantage of various Homestead exemptions and deductions. Here is a breakdown of the available exemptions and deductions, along with their eligibility requirements, exemption amount, and notes:

Exemption Eligibility Amount Notes
General All homeowners $6,000 Applies to all properties used as a primary residence
Disabled Homeowners with a disability $2,000 Applies to properties used as a primary residence by a homeowner who is totally disabled or blind
Elderly Homeowners aged 65 or older $2,000 Applies to properties used as a primary residence by a homeowner aged 65 or older
School Homeowners with children attending school $1,000 Applies to properties used as a primary residence by a homeowner with children attending school in Edmunds County
Agricultural Farmers and ranchers Varies Applies to properties used for agricultural purposes
Veteran Veterans or their surviving spouse Varies Applies to properties used as a primary residence by a veteran or their spouse
Widower Widows or widowers $1,000 Applies to properties used as a primary residence by a widow or widower
Personal Property All homeowners Varies Applies to personal property used for personal or family use

It is important to note that some of these exemptions may require additional documentation or meet certain residency requirements. Homeowners should consult with their county assessor's office to determine their eligibility and the necessary steps to take advantage of these exemptions and deductions.

When is Edmunds County Property Tax due ?

In Edmunds County, property taxes are typically due on April 30th of each year. The county provides several payment methods for taxpayers to choose from, including:

  • In-person: Taxpayers can pay their property taxes in person at the Edmunds County Treasurer's Office, located in the courthouse at 210 2nd Ave, Ipswich, SD 57451. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Mail: Taxpayers can also mail their property tax payments to the Edmunds County Treasurer's Office. The address is: Edmunds County Treasurer 210 2nd Ave Ipswich, SD 57451 Please note that payments must be postmarked by the due date to be considered on time.

  • Online: For added convenience, taxpayers can pay their property taxes online through the Edmunds County website. Payments can be made using a credit card or e-check.

It's important to note that failure to pay property taxes on time can result in penalties and interest charges. If you have any questions or concerns about your property taxes in Edmunds County, contact the Treasurer's Office at (605) 426-6951.

If you have more questions - contact your local tax collector.

How is Edmunds County Property Tax penalty calculated ?

Overview Property tax is an annual fee paid by property owners to the county where the property is located. The fee is used to fund local infrastructure and services, such as schools, roads, and public safety. If a property owner fails to pay their property tax on time, they may be subject to a penalty.

Calculating the Penalty In Edmunds County, South Dakota, the property tax penalty is calculated as follows:

  • The penalty begins on the day after the tax is due (usually January 1st).
  • The penalty is 1.5% per month, or a fraction of a month, of the unpaid taxes.
  • The maximum penalty allowed by law is 10% of the unpaid taxes.

For example, if a property owner owes $2,000 in property taxes and fails to pay them by January 1st, they will be subject to a penalty of 1.5% per month. If they pay their taxes on March 1st, they will owe an additional $90 in penalties (1.5% x 2 months x $2,000 = $60). If they do not pay their taxes until July 1st, they will owe a total of $400 in penalties (1.5% x 6 months x $2,000 = $180, which is the maximum allowed penalty).

Conclusion It is important for property owners to pay their taxes on time to avoid penalties. If they are unable to pay their taxes by the due date, they should contact the Edmunds County Treasurer's Office to discuss payment options and avoid additional fees.

We recommend contacting the Edmunds County Tax Office or a local tax professional for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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