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Craig County tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Craig County tax commissioner info

Craig County tax commissioner is a government official responsible for managing and administering the tax system in Craig County, USA. Their primary role is to ensure that all taxes imposed by the county are collected and paid promptly.

Some of the specific duties of the Craig County tax commissioner include:

  • Managing and maintaining tax records: The tax commissioner is responsible for keeping accurate records of all tax payments, exemptions, and assessments in the county.

  • Collecting taxes: The commissioner collects property taxes, sales taxes, and other taxes imposed by the county government.

  • Issuing tax bills: The tax commissioner sends out tax bills to all property owners in the county and collects payments.

  • Assessing property values: The commissioner is responsible for assessing the value of all real property in the county to determine the appropriate tax amount.

  • Managing tax sales: In some cases, when property owners fail to pay their taxes, the tax commissioner may hold a tax sale to recover the unpaid taxes.

Overall, the Craig County tax commissioner plays a critical role in ensuring that the county government has the necessary revenue to provide essential services to its residents.

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Contact Details for Craig County Tax Commissioner

Here are the detailed contact details for Craig County Tax Commissioner.

Postal Address

Craig County Tax Commissioner P.O. Box 99 New Castle, VA 24127

Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Tax Office (540) 864-6241
DMV (540) 864-5835

Office Hours

The office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. They are closed on weekends and federal holidays.

Please note that the hours are subject to change without prior notice. It is recommended to call the office beforehand to confirm their hours of operation.


These are the complete contact details for Craig County Tax Commissioner. Contact them if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding tax-related matters in Craig County.

Craig County tax commissioner services

The Craig County Tax Commissioner offers a variety of services to residents of the county. These services include:

Service Description
Property Tax Collection The tax commissioner collects property taxes on behalf of the county and distributes the funds to various entities, such as schools and government agencies.
Tag and Title Services The tax commissioner's office handles the registration and titling of vehicles, including cars, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles. They also issue license plates and renewals.
Mobile Home Permits Residents who own mobile homes in the county must obtain permits from the tax commissioner's office.
Business Licenses The tax commissioner issues business licenses to companies operating within the county.
Homestead Exemptions The tax commissioner processes applications for homestead exemptions, which provide property tax relief to eligible homeowners.
Tax Assessments The tax commissioner's office is responsible for assessing the value of properties within the county for tax purposes.

Overall, the Craig County Tax Commissioner provides essential services that help ensure the smooth operation of local government and provide assistance to residents in matters related to property and taxes.

Author: Michael Davis
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