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Clayton County tax commissioner

Published: 15.04.2023

Clayton County tax commissioner info

The Clayton County tax commissioner is an elected official responsible for overseeing the assessment and collection of property taxes within Clayton County, Georgia. This individual serves a critical role in managing the revenue streams that support the county's schools, public safety, infrastructure, and other essential services.

Here are a few key details about the Clayton County tax commissioner:

  • Role and Responsibilities: As the top tax official in the county, the tax commissioner is responsible for a range of duties related to property taxes. These include assessing the value of properties within the county, sending out tax bills, collecting payments, and distributing funds to other local entities (like schools and municipalities). The tax commissioner also manages the county's tax sale process, which allows the government to recoup unpaid property taxes by selling off liens or foreclosing on properties.

  • Election and Term Length: The Clayton County tax commissioner is elected to a four-year term by the county's voters. This means that voters have the power to choose who will hold this important role and ensure that the tax commissioner is accountable to the public.

  • Office Locations and Hours: The Clayton County tax commissioner operates multiple office locations throughout the county to make it easier for residents to access services. These offices are typically open during regular business hours on weekdays and offer various payment options (such as online and in-person payments).

  • Other Services Offered: While property tax collection is the main focus of the tax commissioner's office, there may be other services offered as well. For example, the Clayton County tax commissioner may offer motor vehicle registration and title services, as well as other types of tax collection (like business license fees).

Overall, the Clayton County tax commissioner plays a crucial role in ensuring that the county's financial resources are properly managed and allocated. By staying informed about the tax commissioner's responsibilities and services, residents can become more engaged in the governance of their community and help ensure that their tax dollars are being used effectively.

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Contact Details for Clayton County Tax Commissioner

Here are the detailed contact information for Clayton County Tax Commissioner that you might need:

Contact Information Details
Address 121 South McDonough St., Annex 1B Jonesboro, GA 30236
Telephone (770) 477-3311
Fax (770) 477-4566

Office Hours:

Days Open Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Please note that office hours are subject to change during holidays and special events. It’s recommended to visit the official website or call ahead to confirm their operating hours.

Clayton County Tax Commissioner's office is responsible for collecting property taxes, motor vehicle taxes, and other fees. They provide services such as tag renewals, property tax payments, and tag replacements. If you have any questions or concerns, Clayton County Tax Commissioner's office is readily available to assist you.

Clayton County tax commissioner services

The Clayton County Tax Commissioner's office offers a wide range of services related to property taxes, motor vehicle registration, and business licensing. Here are the key services provided:

Property Tax Services:

Service Description
Property Tax Payments Allows property owners to pay their property taxes online, by mail or in person.
Property Tax Refunds Assists property owners with the process of receiving a refund on overpaid property taxes.
Homestead Exemptions Helps eligible homeowners reduce their property tax bills by applying for homestead exemptions.
Property Assessments Provides property owners with information on how their properties are assessed for tax purposes.

Motor Vehicle Services:

Service Description
Vehicle Tag Renewals Offers online and in-person renewal of vehicle tags for registered vehicle owners.
Title Transfers Allows individuals to transfer ownership of a vehicle after a purchase or a gift.
Temporary Operating Permits Provides temporary tags for individuals who need to operate a vehicle while waiting for their permanent tags.
Disabled Parking Placards Offers assistance to individuals who require a disabled parking permit.

Business Licensing Services:

Service Description
Business License Applications Assists businesses with obtaining a license to operate in Clayton County.
Alcohol License Applications Helps businesses apply for a license to sell alcohol in Clayton County.
Occupational Tax Certificates Required for every business operating in Clayton County, the Tax Commissioner's office assists businesses in obtaining this certificate.

In addition to these services, the Clayton County Tax Commissioner's office also provides guidance and assistance to residents and business owners with questions related to property taxes, motor vehicles, and business licensing.

Author: Michael Davis
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