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Chattahoochee County tax assessor

Published: 15.04.2023

Chattahoochee County tax assessor info

The Chattahoochee County tax assessor is a government office responsible for determining the value of properties within the county for the purpose of taxation. This office is in charge of assessing the value of all real estate, personal property, and motor vehicles located within Chattahoochee County.

The tax assessor's office uses various methods to determine the value of a property, such as recent sales data and comparison to similar properties in the area. Once the value is determined, the tax assessor's office sends out annual tax bills to property owners within the county. Property owners can appeal their assessed value if they feel it is too high.

The Chattahoochee County tax assessor is also responsible for maintaining accurate property records, including ownership and location information. This office is open to the public and can provide information on the assessed value of properties within the county.

Overall, the Chattahoochee County tax assessor plays a crucial role in ensuring that the county's tax system is fair and properly funded.

Before you contact tax assessor find out more informations on Chattahoochee County property tax.

Chattahoochee County Tax Assessor Contact Details

Contact the Chattahoochee County Tax Assessor if you have any inquiries regarding property taxes or assessments. Below are the detailed contact details for the department:

Post Address Chattahoochee County Tax Assessor
130 W Broad St
Cusseta, GA 31805
Phone (706) 989-3633
Fax (706) 989-3634
Open Hours Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

You can visit their office during the open hours mentioned above, or send an email to the provided email address. You can also reach them through their fax number or phone number, which are also listed above. Ensure that you have all the necessary information needed to ensure a fast and accurate response from the department.

Chattahoochee County tax assessor services

The Chattahoochee County tax assessor offers a range of services to adult residents of the county in the USA. These services are aimed at helping individuals with their property tax assessments and related tasks. Here are some of the main services offered by the Chattahoochee County tax assessor:

  • Property assessments: The tax assessor assesses the value of each property in the county to determine the amount of property taxes that need to be paid. They consider factors such as the property's location, size, and condition to arrive at an accurate assessment.
  • Property tax exemptions: The tax assessor also provides information on property tax exemptions that residents may be eligible for. These exemptions can help reduce the amount of property taxes owed and can include exemptions for veterans, seniors, and disabled individuals.
  • Appeals process: If residents disagree with their property assessment, they can file an appeal with the tax assessor's office. The office will review the appeal and make a decision based on the evidence provided.
  • GIS mapping: The tax assessor's office maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping system to provide up-to-date information on property boundaries and ownership.
  • Property records: The tax assessor's office keeps records on all properties in the county, including information on property ownership, taxes owed, and assessments. Residents can access these records to obtain information on their own properties or those of others.

Overall, the Chattahoochee County tax assessor provides a range of services aimed at helping residents understand their property tax assessments and related issues. By providing accurate assessments, exemptions, and other services, the tax assessor helps ensure that property taxes are fairly and equitably assessed in the county.

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