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Buckingham County tax appraiser

Published: 15.04.2023

Buckingham County tax appraiser info

A Buckingham County tax appraiser is a government official responsible for determining the value of real estate properties within the county for tax purposes. They use a variety of methods to evaluate the value of a property, including examining its location, size, condition, and any improvements made to it.

The appraiser's ultimate goal is to ensure that property owners pay their fair share of taxes based on the value of their property. They may also conduct inspections to ensure that the property is in compliance with local building codes and zoning regulations.

Buckingham County tax appraisers work closely with other government officials and agencies, such as the county assessor's office and the county tax collector's office. They are also responsible for maintaining accurate records of all property values and assessments.

Properties are typically reassessed periodically to account for changes in the real estate market or any improvements made to the property. The appraiser will then adjust the assessed value accordingly, and property owners will receive a new tax bill reflecting the updated value.

In summary, a Buckingham County tax appraiser plays a crucial role in maintaining the county's property tax system. They ensure that property owners are paying their fair share of taxes and that property values are accurately assessed.

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Buckingham County Tax Appraiser

The Buckingham County Tax Appraiser is the government agency responsible for assessing and valuing properties for tax purposes in Buckingham County, Virginia. Here is the detailed contact information for the office:

Address Phone Email
13380 W. James Anderson Hwy, PO Box 252 (434) 969-4744
Buckingham, VA 23921 Fax: (434) 969-4788

Office Hours

The Buckingham County Tax Appraiser's office is open to the public during the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Please note that the office may be closed on public holidays. If you need to visit the office outside of these hours, you can call or email them to schedule an appointment.

It is important to keep in mind that the information provided in this article is subject to change. It is always recommended to check with the Buckingham County Tax Appraiser's office directly for the most up-to-date information.

Buckingham County tax appraiser services

The Buckingham County tax appraiser offers a range of services to ensure fair and accurate property assessments for taxpayers in the county. Some of the key services offered by the appraiser include:

Service Description
Property assessments The tax appraiser is responsible for assessing the value of all real property in Buckingham County, including land, homes, and commercial buildings. Assessments are used to determine property taxes.
Appeals process If a taxpayer disagrees with their property assessment, the tax appraiser offers an appeals process to allow for a review of the assessment. This includes providing evidence of comparable properties and other relevant information.
Exemptions and relief programs The tax appraiser provides information and assistance to eligible taxpayers who may qualify for exemptions or relief programs, such as those for veterans, disabled individuals, or senior citizens.
Property records The tax appraiser maintains detailed records of all real property in Buckingham County, including ownership information, tax assessments, and other relevant data. These records are used to ensure accurate assessments and to assist with property transfers and other transactions.
Education and outreach The tax appraiser offers education and outreach programs to help taxpayers understand the assessment process and their rights and responsibilities. This includes workshops, seminars, and other informational resources.

Overall, the services offered by the Buckingham County tax appraiser are designed to promote fair and equitable property assessments and to provide assistance to taxpayers throughout the assessment process.

Author: Michael Davis
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