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Bristol City tax collector

Published: 15.04.2023

Bristol City tax collector info

Bristol City tax collector is a local government agency responsible for collecting taxes from residents and businesses within the City of Bristol. The agency is authorized to collect property taxes, business taxes, and other taxes mandated by state or federal law. The collected taxes are then used to fund various public services and programs in the city, such as schools, roads, parks, and emergency services. The tax collector's office also maintains records of tax payments and delinquencies, issues tax bills and receipts, and enforces tax collection policies. It is important for residents and businesses to comply with tax obligations to avoid penalties and legal action.

Before you contact tax collector find out more informations on Bristol City property tax.

Bristol City Tax Collector

The Bristol City Tax Collector is responsible for collecting property taxes in the city of Bristol, located in the state of Rhode Island, USA. Here are the contact details and operating hours for the Bristol City Tax Collector's office:

Contact method Details
Postal address Bristol City Tax Collector
10 Court Street
Bristol, RI 02809
Phone number +1 (401) 253-7000 ext. 3
Fax number +1 (401) 253-0241
Email address
Office hours Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm (excluding public holidays)

If you have any questions about property taxes in Bristol, or need assistance with paying your taxes, you can contact the Bristol City Tax Collector using any of the above methods during their operating hours.

Bristol City tax collector services

The Bristol City tax collector offers a range of services to its residents. Some of the services provided by the Bristol City tax collector include:

Property Taxes

The tax collector is responsible for collecting property taxes from property owners within Bristol City. These taxes are used to fund various public services such as schools, public safety, and infrastructure.

Motor Vehicle Taxes

The Bristol City tax collector also collects taxes on motor vehicles registered within the city limits. These taxes are based on the value of the car and help to fund road maintenance and public transportation systems.

Special Assessments

In addition to property and motor vehicle taxes, the tax collector may also administer special assessments for things like road improvements or street lighting.

Payment Options

The Bristol City tax collector provides various payment options for the convenience of its residents. These include online payments, payments by mail, and payments in person at the tax collector's office.

Delinquent Taxes

The tax collector also manages delinquent taxes, which are taxes that have not been paid by their due date. The tax collector may use various methods to collect delinquent taxes, such as placing liens on properties or garnishing wages.

Overall, the Bristol City tax collector plays a crucial role in collecting taxes and funding public services within the city. Residents should be aware of the various services provided by the tax collector and take advantage of the payment options available to them.

If you have any disputes or appeals related to tax assessments - contact your local tax commissioner.

Author: Michael Davis
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